10 Tips And Tricks For Closing More Deals

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One of the best moments for sales reps is when they close the deal. All of the hard work and planning to get to that moment has paid off. Old school sales pros might talk about hard work and the persistence to make it happen. Newer salespeople might say that they built a relationship and a rapport with the client. Let talk about closing more deals.

Both schools are probably right. It takes work, organization, planning, and building a relationship with customers to close more sales. 

Here are a few more tips and tricks to help you on the sales journey:

Research your customer

Get to know your customers and what makes them tick. Use LinkedIn to find our more about the company so you can better understand their business. Go to the company’s website and check out their leadership, job listings, and press releases. By reviewing press releases, you can discover what is important to their business right now. You’re ready to walk into a meeting and have a conversation about their needs.

Earn the right to meet

You must earn the right for meet with your customer. The first step was researching and getting to know your customer better. You’ll be prepared to ask the right questions and address your customer’s questions and concerns. You earn the right to meet by arriving to appointments on time and being eager to help your customer. 

Put the customer first

What do they want? What do they need? Think about how can you help your customers rather than focusing on what you’ll get out of the relationship. 

Ask what’s next

At the end of a call or meeting, ask your customer what he or she thinks should be the next steps. It’s important that you and the client are in sync during the sales process and that you’re moving toward the sale. In fact, the next step could be to close the sale. Be sure you don’t add extra steps that delay the sale.

Know your product

Sell your product’s relevance to your customer. You may have the greatest widget ever made, but if you can’t make it relevant to your client, it will be difficult to make the sale. Show or demonstrate the features and benefits of your product and make it relevant to your customer’s situation. 

Sell the value

Most people think that price is the most important factor in the sale. However, value is determined by your customer. Show them your product’s value is greater than the price, and you will make the sale.

Give and receive

At some point in the sales process, your customer will ask you for something. For instance, they might want more information, a price reduction, or another demonstration. You create customer loyalty when you can help them with problems that go beyond the scope of closing the deal. You become a trusted advisor and start building a mutual business relationship.

Under promise and over deliver

Beginning salespeople often over-promise in the hopes of undercutting a competitor’s service. You may tell a customer you can get the item shipped sooner than is realistic. It’s better to make sure you can deliver on time. Then, if you have the opportunity to over-deliver, your customer will be thrilled that you went above and beyond.

Don’t obsess about the close

It’s easier to sell if you think about taking the necessary steps to get small commitments from your client in order to move the sale along. If you’re constantly trying to push the sale on your customer, you may make them uncomfortable. It’s best to let the sale run its course.

Close your mouth

If you’ve earned the right to ask for the sale, then ask for the sale and stop talking. If you get excited and overzealous you may keep talking and say something that stops the sales process. Resist the temptation to talk – close your mouth and close the deal!