5 Ways To Shorten Your Sales Cycle With A Mobile App

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Want to shorten your B2B sales cycle? Instead of adding more lukewarm leads to your CRM tool, pounding the pavement, and sending another email, what if you let a sales enablement mobile app do some of the work for you?

Here are 5 ways a mobile app can help you shorten the B2B sales cycle:

  1. Make the jump from analog to digital in your sales cycle.

Sales is all about providing the right content at the right time. Ditch those cumbersome 3-ring binders, printed catalogs, and outdated PDFs. By going digital, your content is available in real-time in a mobile app – and it can be accessed from anywhere and at anytime. With search and filter features, sales reps can quickly access the materials they need.

2. Share sales content with your team in real-time

Have a new product to launch? Upload it to your sales enablement mobile app and share the information instantly with everyone. Your team will be accessing the most up-to-date sales collateral and branded content. Need to make a price change? Enter the new information in seconds.

3. Enhance performance and productivity

With all of your sales, marketing, product offerings, and additional resources available in real-time on a mobile device, your sales team can access it at any time, from anywhere. Sales reps can instantly send the right materials to customers and prospects while on the go, shortening the sales cycle. 

4. Use Smart Forms

Make it easy for customers and prospects to work with you by providing smart forms, such as requests for quotes, invoicing, and contracts that need to be signed. And, collect feedback from your clients about the sales process and how you can improve. 

5. Provide offers and incentives

With a mobile app, your sales team can get real-time changes and updates to marketing offers and incentives, in order to maximize sales opportunities. And, sales reps can receive company push notifications regarding price changes, new promotions, and more. 

With a sales enablement mobile app, you can streamline your sales process, gain efficiencies, create better content, support your sales team, increase your sales, AND shorten your sales cycle. 

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