6 Sales Enablement Strategies to Adopt in 2020

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Compared to other technologies, the concept of sales enablement hasn’t been around all that long. But, it’s come a long way in the last two decades. 

Sales enablement technology has transformed the way companies do business and the way relationships are built. Sales enablement is crucial for keeping pace in a digital world and provides the tools and solutions to help sales pros maximize their impact and scale their sales efforts.

Here are 6 powerful sales enablement strategies that can help your sales team succeed in 2020:

Unify your data

Data integration is key to allowing your sales, marketing, and customer success teams to unify data and work towards a common goal. If your organization is storing data in different silos within the company, you lack important insights into your sales pipeline and lose control of brand content and consistency. Your sales team needs good quality data to efficiently and effectively connect with your buyers. 

Improve your content strategy

Companies that prioritize sales enablement technology and value sales collateral and relevant content are more likely to support their sales team and achieve higher revenue growth. But just having content is not enough these days. Businesses that center their sales enablement efforts around content strategies have better relationships with their customers and are more likely to have higher win rates. A content strategy means you are providing consistent, effective content that resonates with your customers. 

Create a team of high performers

In the past, companies could rely on just a few superstar sales reps to carry the workload of the entire team. The goal of sales enablement is to ensure that all of your sales reps are successful. A focused sales enablement strategy can provide the right content and sales materials to your sales team to create greater performance across the board.

Empower sales leaders

In 2020, your most successful sales leaders can also be sales influencers. We live in a mobile world. We’re always connected to technology and share massive amounts of data. People buy from those that they know and trust. Look for sales leaders in your organization who can write blog posts, host webinars, and create videos to share with your core audiences.

Provide sales training and eLearning

Salespeople are busy and on the go. Your sales team doesn’t have time to sit in a classroom or participate in a virtual training session. Your team needs to be able to quickly find content and support during the course of their day. They might be on a call with a prospect and want to email or text them pertinent information right then. Or, they have time to kill between client meetings and want to train on a new product or service the company offers. Microcontent can be accessed and put in the hands of salespeople – wherever and whenever they need it – in a mobile app.

Consider a sales enablement mobile app

What if your sales reps could access searchable, bite-sized content – anywhere and anytime from a mobile phone or tablet? By creating a “single source of truth” for your sales and marketing materials, training, eLearning, and coaching, you can house all of this vital information in a sales enablement mobile app.

The more digital the world becomes, the more important it is for sales reps to add value to the customer’s buying journey. At the end of the day, sales enablement is about creating relationships with your customers and prospects.

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