May 2, 2021

Microlearning: How Enterprises Effectively Train Employees

Before Covid-19, employees attended full-day training sessions in a classroom to learn basic business concepts. This past year turned learning…

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Mobile Workplace

The mobile workplace in 2021: Employees work anywhere

Work is becoming more difficult in the mobile workplace. Our customer relationships are virtual, some employees are working remotely, while…

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Connect Employees

Why Enterprises Should Connect Employees Via A Mobile App

Want to connect with your workforce? Then, grab your mobile phone. The vast majority of Americans – 96% – now own…

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Sales Acceleration

Powerful Sales Acceleration: Key Findings For 2021

Sales was difficult enough even before the pandemic hit. In the short term, enterprise organizations learned how to pivot and…

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knowledge workers

The Role of Knowledge Workers in the Connected Workforce

The term “knowledge worker” was first used in 1959. Knowledge workers are defined as high-level workers who have formal training.…

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critical information

Enterprises: Are Employees Missing Out On Critical Information?

The way organizations work has drastically changed. Before Covid-19, the majority of employees worked in an office. Employees met in…

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sales acceleration

Sales Acceleration: The Next Level Of Digital Transformation

Remember the days when sales deals were closed over lunch in a restaurant, in conference rooms, or on the golf…

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