Knowledge, designed.

The revolutionary mobile app that organizes and streamlines content simply, in real time. CatalystXL puts knowledge in your team’s hands, designed to make everyone smarter, more involved and more deeply connected.

Knowledge is in the cards.

Our powerful flashcard format serves up categorized content for quick reference, learning on the fly, and instant interaction with co-workers and customers.

Notifications, announcements, and product updates… real-time market and company information… instant forms, estimates and product information pushed out to customers… surveys, quizzes and queries… and quick communication with colleagues… all of which drive deeper knowledge, insight, and relationships.

Knowledge is at the center of every successful organization. CatalystXL helps you put it there.

Empower sales

Time is money. So is knowledge. Arm your sales team with easy-to-digest, up-to-the-minute product or services information they can learn and share with customers to maximize opportunities and revenue.

Train everyone, anywhere

Learning can happen anywhere with the right tools. Serve up microlearning on-the-fly – snackable, relevant information that’s appetizing, easy to digest, and easy to retain. More fun, deeper learning.

Connect your workforce

Where in the world are your team members today? It actually doesn’t matter, because they’re always connected, always on their smartphones. With universal, real-time access to the facts – and each other – there’s nothing they can’t achieve.

Meet today’s mobile worker. Here’s how CatalystXL helps him.

Works at home as much as he works at the factory as much as he works on the go. Knowledge seeker. Driven. Constantly curious. Motivated for the next challenge. Always ready to put what she learns to use. And always hungry to learn more.


Bite-sized flashcard content such as video, text, images and web embeds – easy to locate, consume, and retain.

Real-Time Updates

Real-time content pushed to the app – always up-to-date, always a source of truth.


Concentrated and casual study made easy – on-demand, information-rich courses anytime, anywhere from a smartphone or tablet (no desk required).

Intelligence Amplification

Smart forms and filters help surface mission-critical content – helping get fast answers to pressing questions.

Data & Analytics

Leverages analytics to drive better recommendations at the point of sale. Tracks and reports key performance indicators to show progress.

Company Communications

Everything important and timely, from product releases to knowledge updates to special pricing to promotions – posted and delivered in real-time.

“CatalystXL enabled us to keep up with the increasing demand from our marketing, sales, engineering teams and customers for mobile applications, helping grow our business.”

What do we mean by “Knowledge, designed”?

With the CatalystXL content management tool, you manage information and content on your own private-label mobile app in real time. CatalystXL can also integrate into your backend systems through our API to access any information needed in the app.

That means those clunky online product catalogs and 3-ring binders that have traditionally housed product information are now gone. CatalystXL condenses all that ever-changing information into a smart, searchable mobile interface that’s easy to manage, easy to reference, and can be updated in real time. It’s knowledge, designed.

You’re in control

We also share out detailed data and analytics about end users and their usage.  Our mobile platform delivers actionable insights that can inform decisions for things like improving productivity and increasing sales.

Launch time: as little as 48 hours

We designed CatalystXL to be as easy to implement as it is to use. After a brief kickoff call, your team can start using a dynamic mobile app in as little as 48 hours via Apple Store or Google Play. From there, the CatalysXL team will customize your app to meet your specific needs. But it doesn’t stop there. We’re constantly refining the app, and will automatically push out new features and functionality to deliver the best possible user experience.