Sales Acceleration

Powerful Sales Acceleration: Key Findings For 2021

Sales was difficult enough even before the pandemic hit. In the short term, enterprise organizations learned how to pivot and…

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knowledge workers

The Role of Knowledge Workers in the Connected Workforce

The term “knowledge worker” was first used in 1959. Knowledge workers are defined as high-level workers who have formal training.…

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critical information

Enterprises: Are Employees Missing Out On Critical Information?

The way organizations work has drastically changed. Before Covid-19, the majority of employees worked in an office. Employees met in…

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sales acceleration

Sales Acceleration: The Next Level Of Digital Transformation

Remember the days when sales deals were closed over lunch in a restaurant, in conference rooms, or on the golf…

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B2B Customers

6 Ways Covid-19 Changed How B2B Customers Buy

It’s a fact: Covid-19 has changed our world and turned our lives upside down. And enterprise organizations and their B2B…

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Enterprises: Adopt A Mobile App To Connect Your Workplace

Employee engagement is the key to building a successful enterprise organization. But employee engagement doesn't come easy: Worldwide, only 15% of employees…

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content sprawl

Content Sprawl And How CIOs Can Manage It

For better or for worse, we’re in the middle of a digital transformation. The success of enterprise organizations depends on…

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Customer Experience

Digital Customer Experience: Gaining Loyalty In 2021

Your customers care about digital. But, they don’t think about their customer experiences as digital or traditional. Customers are only…

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Remote Workforce

Employee Experience: 10 Remote Workforce Trends For 2021

2021 is shaping up to be a pivotal year. The changes that have taken place due to Covid-19 are here…

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enterprise leaders

Enterprise Leaders: Let’s Take Advantage Of Remote Work

Remote work is here to stay. And it’s up to enterprise leaders to create a win-win for both their employer…

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