native apps

The Showdown: Native Apps VS Progressive Web Apps

Much like a website, having a personalized app is fast becoming a non-negotiable for businesses. That said, building an entire…

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traditional intranet

Traditional Intranets Are Dead: Make Way For Workforce Mobile Apps

Despite companies investing in and implementing digital transformation strategies, many employees remain disconnected from their organizations. That disconnect is becoming…

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What Organizations Get Wrong About Learning

One could argue that the phrase “knowledge is power” is more relevant today than it has ever been. In an…

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professional services firm

Top 6 Opportunities For Professional Services Firms In 2020

Professional services firms are one of the biggest players in today’s workforce. What are professional services? This category spans auditing,…

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personalized apps

Why Personalized Apps Are the Websites of the Future

Nowadays, it’s almost ludicrous to imagine a business without its own website to serve as a source for information. Since…

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mobile app

Want to connect and engage with employees? Build a workforce mobile app.

Are your employees happy? Now more than ever, it’s important to connect with your workers and make sure they are…

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legacy information systems

Has COVID-19 Exposed Just How Limited Legacy Information Systems Are?

COVID-19 has challenged the business world in new, unexpected ways. With little warning, organizations had to quickly adapt to shelter-in-place…

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mobile apps

8 Serious Reasons Why Mobile Apps Are Better Than Websites

Do you have a smartphone? Silly question. Of course, you do. For most Americans, our mobile phone is our lifeline. The vast…

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content management

Why the Content Management Market is Booming and is Poised to Keep Growing

As the information landscape expands via all of the technology at our disposal, finding a way to thoughtfully and efficiently…

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employees happy

Are your employees happy? 7 ways to engage your workforce.

How would your employees rate your response to COVID-19? Are your employees happy? A new Prudential survey shows that most American workers…

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